Educational Services

Our educational services cover the full spectrum of needs. We stress a complete evaluation of learning strengths and weaknesses. The informed parent is the child’s best advocate in the earlier years, and the informed child is his or her own best advocate on an ongoing basis. Our services and areas of expertise include:

  • College Entrance Preparation
  • Computer Assisted Learning
  • Curriculum Design
  • Educational Therapy
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Learning through the Arts
  • Life & Study Skills
  • Psychoeducational Testing
  • School Placement & Assistance
  • Special Education Intervention

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Educational Specialties

Educational Testing
A complete evaluation of learning strengths and weaknesses is vital to providing help to the student with learning difficulties. Often disabilities are multi-faceted and parents, child, and school personnel need to have a complete understanding to provide the appropriate compensatory services. For this reason, Yellen & Associates specializes in thoroughness. We provide a comprehensive report and concluding conference to enhance the understanding. We can provide referrals to medical specialists when indicated.

Educational Therapy
Yellen & Associates is ready to provide full scale remediation and/or compensation as needed for learning disorders such as dyslexia, Scotopic Sensitivity/Irlen Syndrome, specific developmental disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, perceptual problems, and other learning problems which may negatively impact achievement.

All associates are highly qualified and have been chosen for their expertise in their fields of specialty. Each client is carefully matched with the therapist so the therapist and client establish rapport easily. Tutoring covers all subjects, including reading, reading comprehension, math, written composition, spelling, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics, biological sciences, chemistry, English, study skills, and SAT and ISEE preparation.

When your child needs a change in his or her school day, either a 504 Plan or an IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting is often setup. The purpose of these meetings is to formalize what in-class modifications will be made or to set goals and a means of reaching those goals to address specific educational deficits. Parents may bring an advocate – a professional who understands the student’s disabilities and needs and can communicate these needs to the professionals at the school. When disagreements arise, an advocate is always watching out for the child’s best interests. Yellen & Associates has a long history of successful advocacy on behalf of students with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, memory or processing deficits, and other education-impacting difficulties.