What is LSL ?

Love Shopping List® is a True Love Calculator and Digital Black Book that helps you in your search for that ideal person. Score any relationship whether romantic or friendship, previous or current, utilizing simple proprietary tools. Find out how compatible they truly are to you! Store unlimited comparison ratings and link them to your smartphone’s contacts. The LSL® app will text, email, dial, or map any entry once linked. Upload a photo, store important information such as birth dates, sizes, reminders, likes, etc. Connect to Twitter for quick Tweeting. Back up all your entries to your personal cloud account and then download them to your next phone or pad with the tap of a button. Love Shopping List® is the essential dating tool that will empower anyone and assist in providing the answer to the questions: Is He the one? Is She the one?

The Details

Developed by Dr. Andrew Yellen, renowned psychologist and author, and Tom Ward, IT expert, LSL adds science to the art of romance. The app allows users to score any relationships’ chances for success. First, you enter 15 characteristics you are seeking in an ideal mate. Then, you rate those 15 characteristics for the person you’re dating. The app’s magic goes to work and you discover whether your relationship is “a stretch,” “a match made in heaven” or something in between. This groundbreaking methodology has been thoroughly tested and has an extremely successful track record in real life. Check out our Category Cloud which displays a graphic library of characteristics in a fun new way! Love Shopping List® is both fun and meaningful. So kiss your little black book goodbye and say hello to LSL – your new mobile app!