Mission Statement

The commitment of Yellen & Associates Psychological, Educational, Speech & Language Services is to allow adults, adolescents, and children an opportunity to have all their psychological, educational, speech and language needs met through one coordinated effort. It is our belief that the coordination of professional services provides clients and patients with a less stressful process.

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DESA® is our proprietary acronym for Digital Electroencephalogram Spectral Analysis, an EEG based neuroelectrical evaluation system developed at Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital. At its core is an EEG, but there are five other parts to the DESA®.

The purpose of a thorough neuroelectrical examination is to analyze the central nervous system, its input processes, and the processes and expression of information.  The brain puts out micro amounts of electrical energy that can be captured and evaluated.  When analyzed by an expert, the data can reveal abnormalities previously undiagnosed and/or can confirm or rule out diagnostic impressions.

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Psychological and Diagnostic Services

Yellen & Associates provides full psychological services including individual and group therapy

Educational Services and Specialties

Our educational services cover the full spectrum of needs. We stress a complete evaluation of learning strengths and weaknesses.

Irlen Syndrome Diagnostics

Yellen & Associates is a Certified Diagnostic Center for the Irlen Lenses™ and the Irlen Methods of treating Irlen Syndrome.

Social Facilitation in action

Our book, Social Facilitation in Action, is a practical guide to understanding and implementing changes.